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Events and Celebrations

World Car Free Day

To increase the awareness of a balanced eco-friendly earth, we celebrate Car Free Day at Little Orchids. This events also helps in community building as there are lot of community programmes organized

Halloweens Day

We arrange a host of creative and artistic activities at Little Orchids on this day. We also host a eventful Halloweens Day Party.


We have introducing Pack of Specially Designed CD’s subject vise and according to classes U can play Audio/video of it . Full of Hi Quality Animation. Full of Activities . CD's contains: educational content, rhymes, Maths ,Science ,Good Habits ,English ,Social Science ,Environmental Science, Hindi ,World of Knowledge , Crayon ,Worksheet Book ,Art and Craft ,Picture ,Book , Phonic dril, Theme Books , Kids Mania , Pattern Writing, My First Activity Book , stories, mythological stories, moral tales, fairy tales, etc.

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